W6LVP Amplified Receive-Only Magnetic Loop Antenna – Mobile Version (2 weeks lead time)




**Please note that this product has a 2 week production lead time.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.**

Increased man-made noise, the timing of the sunspot cycle, and other factors have conspired to make HF radio communications more challenging.  Adding a power amplifier and increasing transmit power will help with your transmit signal.  Reducing noise, RFI, QRN, and QRM during receive is more difficult.  Thousands of amateurs and SWLs worldwide have improved the quality of their radio reception using a receive-only amplified magnetic loop antenna from me or my competitors.  Until now those benefits were limited to fixed and portable installations.  W6LVP is now bringing those benefit to mobile operators.

Operating mobile has some unique challenges.  Most mobile HF antennas use tuning coils to keep the size manageable.  Increasing the Q of a mobile antenna tuning coil improves its radiation efficiency while reducing its bandwidth.  QSYing – changing bands or even moving within a band requires retuning.  The process of retuning an HF mobile vertical can range from running a motor driven coil tap to manually repositioning a tap.  By comparison, the W6LVP mobile magnetic loop antenna receives from below 100 kHz to above 30 MHz with no tuning or adjustment required.  During mobile HF operations, you can hop around a band or from one band to another looking for good signals and then retune your transmit antenna when you find what you are looking for.

All vertical HF antennas – both fixed and mobile – are notoriously noisy while receiving.  By contrast, a magnetic loop antenna dramatically improves the ability to pull signals out of the noise.  During testing, the W6LVP mobile magnetic loop antenna was compared with a high-Q center coil, motor tuned, multi-band HF mobile vertical antenna topped with a capacity hat.  In all cases the loop was equal to or better than the vertical in terms of ability to receive weak signals in the presence of noise.  Often times, the loop made listening more pleasant and less tiring by separating the desired signal from ambient noise.  In other cases, the loop enabled copying SSB and CW signals that when using the vertical were buried in the noise and not able to be copied at all.

Complicating the use of any receive antenna, most mobile transceivers do not include a separate receive antenna input.  The W6LVP mobile magnetic loop receive antenna includes a T/R switch enabling your mobile rig to automatically switch between any HF transmit antenna and the magnetic loop.  Powering the T/R switch on and off enables immediate side-by-side comparison of the received signals from the loop versus the transmit antenna to determine which is better for a particular contact.  With the T/R switch powered on, the receive signal comes from the loop and when it is off from the transmit antenna.

The W6LVP mobile magnetic loop antenna has been optimized for mobile installation and operation.  Its standard configuration includes a high-power magnet for easy vehicle installation.  Custom installations are also possible by removing the magnet from the loop.

If your rig has a separate receive antenna input or if you need custom installation suggestions, please reach out to me via CONTACT  regarding these or any other questions.

W6LVP mobile amplified receive-only magnetic loop antenna features and benefits:

  •  The W6LVP mobile magnetic loop is a complete receive antenna system delivering top-of-the-line performance to mobile amateur radio operators and SWLs.
  • A six foot circumference (approximately 2 foot diameter) loop is constructed from 1/8” stainless steel rod which resists weather and corrosion.  Low wind loading and size are great for mobile operation.
  •  The antenna system includes a low-noise, broadband amplifier covering 2200 (135 kHz)  through 10 meters (30 MHz) with no tuning or adjustment.  Great for hopping around a band or jumping from band-to-band compared to having to retune a high-Q HF transmit antenna just to check another frequency.
  •  The W6LVP mobile magnetic loop includes a transmit/receive antenna switch which also provides power for the loop preamplifier.  The T/R switch enables a receive antenna to be easily used with transceivers, like most mobile rigs, lacking a separate receive antenna input.  The W6LVP loop is equally friendly with receivers or transceivers with receive antenna inputs.  SWLs can continue to listen to their favorite shortwave stations while on the road.  The transmit/receive switch supports up to 100 watts transmit power but also works with a separate high-power amplifier and/or tuner.
  •  A short pigtail battery cable is provided to connect power for the T/R switch.  A cigarette lighter power adapter is also provided for a quick setup for testing and evaluation.
  • The W6LVP mobile magnetic loop transmit/receive switch does not support QSK.

I have received many requests for suggestions on which type of coaxial cable to use to connect the loop to the power inserter or T/R switch.  When connecting a transmitter to an antenna, cable loss is very important.  For connecting a receiver to a receive antenna, common mode pickup on the coaxial cable shield can add unwanted signals and noise.  Quad-shield RG-6, which is designed for cable and satellite TV, works well but is normally sold with F connectors installed.  Quad shield RG-6 cables can be purchased from MPD Digital in custom lengths with male BNC connectors installed.


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**Please note that this product has a 2 week production lead time.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.**


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